BOOTY GUIDE (6-Week Glute Training Guide)
BOOTY GUIDE (6-Week Glute Training Guide)

BOOTY GUIDE (6-Week Glute Training Guide)

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Develop + Define your glutes with this 6-week booty-targeted workout plan! 


Having strong glutes is not just about looking good on the beach! Strong glutes work to protect your back from straining, improve your posture, and more. As one of the largest groups in the human body, developed glutes are a must for an overall strong physique.

In this guide: I show you all of my favorite glute exercises. I know you’re peobably thinking “squats”! However, developing the glute muscles requires very specific hip hinging exercises - most of which the average gym goer is not aware!




  • Delivered to you digitally as an e-book making it easy to access from your phone, tablet, or computer!
  • 6 weeks total
  • 3 glute-specific workouts per week (every other day, allowing for proper muscle recovery)
  • Includes suggested set + rep counts
  • Photos demonstrating each exercise
  • ^as well as VIDEO demonstrations showing you exactly how to perform each move!
  • Gym required unless you have a home gym (barbell/weights + cables)
  • Need nutrition help as well? Combine with the Guide to Tracking Macros (a nutrition plan made specifically for you and your goals) to help you see better results in your glute development! click here!
*All guides are sent digitally* via email directly from me. Shortly after purchasing you will receive an email from me and your guides will follow :)



There are no refunds given the digital nature of the program. The downloadable guides are yours to keep forever, they do not disappear when the program is completed!

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