About Me

My Fitness Journey:


Where did my passion for health and fitness begin? 
I didn't grow up athletic.. I came up with every excuse during gym class because I wasn't good at sports. Out of shape and embarrassed I dreaded anything that had to do with physical activity. I lived off of pasta and chicken nuggets. I didn't have my first salad until I was 17! If I can change my ways, anyone can!
I began working out about 10 years ago when I gained some weight in college. I felt uncomfortable with my body and tried everything I thought I knew at the time to lose the weight. I started going to the gym and quickly realized I needed to change my diet as well in order to see REAL results! I fell in love with the way working out made me feel. After some trial and error with various methods/fads I found an appreciation for weight training and eating whole healthy foods!
    I will admit, that appreciation did not come easy.. I was initially intimidated by the idea of lifting weights and I
had always been led to believe that lifting weights would make me bulky and “manly-looking” (MYTH!). It changed my life!! I quickly found that physical strength transcribes to inner strength...Fitness was the stepping stone for boosting my confidence, overall happiness, and discovering a new self-love. 
    I learned about goal-setting and making a plan to achieve my goals. Weight training changed my life in so many ways!  My new found dedication and motivation helped me in my fitness goals, my academic goals, and my social life. 
    Through a healthy lifestyle I discovered my true self and found the courage and confidence to realize I could make any  of my goals come to life. I want to help by inspiring and empowering others to look better, feel better and lead a life you love.
    Now, I combine my education as a certified trainer with my 7+ years experience in the health & fitness industry to help others. I have helped transform 4,000+ women! I specialize in helping women achieve healthy, fit, lean physiques while ultimately boosting their self-love, confidence, & overall happiness! Fitness is more than a physical journey, a healthy mentality is just as important, unfortunately that part of fitness is often overlooked!

Here’s how I help others reach their goals:
        (1)       Workout plans that are the perfect combination of challenging yet empowering- so that
               you can feel a sense of accomplishment, and can take on the day!
        (2)       A science-based nutrition approach that is maintainable, easy to follow with
                simple recipes/ingredients and geared toward your personal goal. This is where
                I’m particularly passionate because so many of us feel controlled by cravings
                and don’t feel our healthy eating pays off- because we don’t see any physical
                results. My nutrition guide has been a total game-changer for myself and other
                women in letting go of food-related stress, the struggle of eating healthy but
                not really knowing what “healthy” is.. This guide = insane results. 
          (3)       An online community of over 4,000 women who have completed the AKFit programs! 
Motivating each other to stay committed and to hold
                each other accountable through the #AKFCommunity Facebook Group.
     If I can do it, so can YOU! ..We can do it together. Let me be a part of your journey to a healthier, happier you! JOIN MY TEAM here!

For questions/concerns/advice email me directly at: alyssakfit@gmail.com
*PLEASE NOTE: Following and/or participating in my blog, daily workouts, meal plans, and any tips or advice is to be done at your own discretion. You should always check with a physician prior to following any workouts or meal plans. I provide the workouts, meals, and tips that have worked for me based on my own
personal experience.