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I talk a lot about how “scale weight does not tell the whole story”☝🏼it’s an imperfect tool at measuring progress. I cannot stress how true that really is. I have clients everyday that email me something like: “my weight has barely changed but I look totally different and my clothes are baggy😁!” ...... The scale tells you one thing: your relationship with gravity. 🤷🏼‍♀️It doesn’t tell you if you have strong muscular legs, back, arms, booty... it just gives you a number! When it comes to losing fat I always suggest taking measurements. Because at those times when the scale isn’t budging... your measurements might still be changing!🏃🏼‍♀️You might have less fat than you did a few weeks ago but a little more muscle.. and muscle is more dense than fat! 🧐So although you may still be the same weight your body composition is different!! 🤩You’re tighter and more “toned”/defined.

I have uploaded the same picture to Instagram many times, I know... and I’ve seen it shared all over the internet🙉 but for good reason!!—- it’s such an important lesson!!! I was 128 lbs in both photos☝🏼☝🏼But you can see it was a very different 128 lbs. In one photo I clearly have less fat and more muscle. Still weighing the same thing as I did before but looking totally different! This is because muscle is more DENSE than fat. Meaning, 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat obviously both weigh 5lbs but the muscle is more dense therefore takes up less space. You can have two people that weigh the same exact thing but if one person has more muscle/less fat and therefore has smaller measurements. In the photo below, I actually weigh a little MORE but have an overall "tighter, smaller" look because I changed my body's composition: less fat, more muscle


Don’t get stuck on reaching a certain #! Just start implementing smart exercises and a healthy well-rounded diet!

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